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Jan 29, 2020

Episode 39 brings with it news about Doom Eternal. The game will not have any microtransactions, the Dauntless studio have been bought up and a Kingdom Hearts mobile Game is on the way. The hope of getting a good Uncharted movie seems to be dwindling, Blizzard is moving to YouTube and is a new VR headset planed for the...

Jan 26, 2020

Andreas sits down with Johan aka VALIDUZz. VALIDUZz is a streamer on Twitch with a focus on the game War Thunder. We of course do a deep dive into the game War Thunder, and how and why Johan started streaming.

Jan 22, 2020

This week brings us more delays, Dying Light 2. Half-Life: Alyx is soon here and Valve have started talking about details. Valve have also stated that Left 4 Dead 3 is not happening any time soon. What we might get from Konami is a new Silent Hill. Ubisoft is restructuring, The development of Re 8 is starting over and...

Jan 20, 2020

All the physical game stores seems to be closing down with Game and Gamestop going away. How did this happened? Could they have survived? Is there a future for physical copies of games or are they gone forever? We also take a look back at our best memories from came releases in stores and other fond memories.

Jan 15, 2020

Delays is what this week have brought us. Final Fantasy VII have been delayed, the same have happened too Marvel's Avengers. We are getting closer to the Release of Doom and the Re3 remake. This means new trailers and more information.

The new Xbox will not have any exclusive titles for at least a year and Sony is...